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EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Future Infrastructure and Built Environment

Bryn - 3 wise monkeys

Bryn travelled to the Ooka Lab, University of Tokyo in Japan to work on his PhD research interest on mathematical and metaheuristic optimization. He joined his supervisor, Dr Ruchi Choudhary, who was a visiting professor at the university and worked alongside a Japanese PhD student, Shintaro Ikeda.

While there he spent his time developing a mixed integer linear programme for the optimisation of building energy supply systems, with a particular focus on comparing this mathematical method with the metaheuristic optimization undertaken by Ikeda.

The work developed his skills in programming in the Optimization Programming Language and his understanding of both mathematical and metaheuristic optimisation in the field of energy systems. Bryn intends on continuing and strengthening his ties with the Ooka Lab at the University of Tokyo as well as developing further his model for use in making energy infrastructure decisions in developing countries.

Bryn’s time in Japan has also led to a joint conference paper comparing the two optimisation methods applied to the same demand profile. He presented his research in a published paper titled “Comparison of Metaheuristic and Linear Programming Models for the Purpose of Optimising Building Energy Supply Operation Schedule” for the CLIMA 2016 conference in Aalborg, Denmark which focuses on energy-efficient building and their HVAC system performance, the technology of indoor and vehicular environmental comfort.

The visit to Japan was not all work,  Bryn also managed to enjoy some sight-seeing, visiting the world heritage site at Nikko, Enoshima Island and the giant Buddha at Kamakura which were a serene contrast to the bustle that is Japan's capital city, Tokyo. In Denmark, he visited a Biomass District Heating Plant and also enjoyed archery, bullseye ax throwing and a conference dinner in the woods.

Alongside writing his first-year PhD report, Bryn’s PhD research includes a paper submitted for the International Building Performance Simulation Association IBPSA 2017 conference. Next stop - San Francisco, Bryn?