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FIBE PhD student Sally O'Brien has every reason to feel elated. She was one of eighteen rowers and coxes from the Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club (CUWBC) who raced Oxford University Women’s Boat Club in the annual Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race. Sally raced in the 7-seater Blondie crew (the Cambridge reserve crew) against Osiris (the Oxford reserve crew) over the 6.8km championship course from Putney to Mortlake resulting in a 16 second, or a 5 boat-length win.  Congratulations Sally!

The Cambridge team triumphantly paid tribute to their training programme of technique and power as they surged their way to not just one but all four spectacular wins over their Oxford rivals. All four crews - the Women's Blue Boat, Men's Blue Boat, Women's Reserves (Blondie) and Men's Reserves (Goldie) were victorious in their individual races. 

" Being a part of CUWBC and racing in the Boat Races has been the most surreal experience and is something that I have found quite difficult to put into words. Even days after the race, that winning feeling is still sinking in! However, I can say that every 5am start and the countless training sessions on the water, on the rowing machines and in the weights room, was worth that feeling of elation after crossing the finish line first."

- Sally O'Brien