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FIBE-CDT features in new EPSRC Building Skills for a Prosperous Nation brochure

last modified Feb 26, 2018 03:54 PM

FIBE-CDT is delighted to be singled out as an example of a Centre for Doctoral Training on the EPSRC website:

According to the website, FIBE is one of the Centres for Doctoral Training which  "...provide a supportive and exciting environment for students, creating new working cultures, building relationships between teams in universities and forging lasting links with industry"

The EPSRC Building Skills for a Prosperous Nation brochure showcases selected CDTs including FIBE-CDT, whose exciting research have spearheaded ground-breaking technology in the STEM arena and also created a plethora of high-performance innovative products.

According to EPSRC Chief Executive, Professor Phillip Nelson: "The CDTs, spread across over 40 UK universities and training over 7,000 students, ensure advances in research in many areas of fundamental science and engineering, as well as providing future leaders in key areas for the UK economy including energy, data science, manufacturing, materials and healthcare technology."

The FIBE-CDT page features Cohort 1’s project The Route to Smart Roads, part of the MRes project component, ETECH, mentored by the Judge Business School. The project highlighted a potential multi-million-pound business opportunity for FIBE’s key industrial partner, Costain, a construction and civil engineering company. The FIBE-CDT students were asked to assess the feasibility of Radio Frequency Identification tags in the emerging market in Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-‘Cloud’ communication which is central to traffic management improvements. The final report produced by the students was of such high decision-making impact, it led Costain to form a spin-out company to introduce and roll out the technology across the UK road network. 

The teams emerging from the CDT will be the next-generation business leaders who will solve some of the most pressing challenges faced by the infrastructure sector. It’s vitally important that industry has a pipeline of innovation emerging from research relationships with experienced people with the knowledge to implement solutions. The CDT is meeting this need.

- Tim Embley, Innovation Director, Costain



Photo credit & acknowledgements: EPSRC