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EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Future Infrastructure and Built Environment

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FIBE-CDT Industry Partner event a huge success!

This year's Industry Partner event was held off-site on 1st May at the Moller Centre. It was aptly titled Future Industry Partner Workshop as it was about the future of FIBE-CDT.

Very well attended by high-profile CEOs and directors from multiple companies from the Engineering industry, the event was led by the FIBE team comprising Centre Directors Professor Abir Al-Tabbaa, Professor Janet Lees and Reader Dr Ioannis Brilakis.

The workshop outlined FIBE's proposal for the renewal bid with EPSRC for the next 5 years to train the next generation of UK leaders for industry, research organisations and elsewhere.  It was an opportunity for the delegates from industry to learn all about FIBE's cohort-based training, see outputs from the students' work on Mini-projects, Desktop studies, posters they have presented at conferences and get to know the students themselves to learn about their research. They were then presented with different options how they can engage with and get involved with the programme. 

The excellent lunch of 8-course "bowl food" with pulled pork and crispy crackling, salmon with stir-fried chinese vegetables and noodles down to the lemon mousse dessert was delicious and just perfect for moving around and networking.The event was a huge success and both FIBE staff and students are equally excited to work with these Future Industry Partners of FIBE2!