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PhD student Juan wins trip to the first Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon in Montreal, Canada

last modified Feb 28, 2017 04:42 PM

FIBE Cohort 2 student Juan Sebastian Canavera Herrera went  to a Transport Hackathon at the IfM organised by the CUTEC - Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club, where the idea was to come up with innovative digital and technical solutions to solve the congestion and transport problems of Cambridge. He was part of a group of  three persons and came up with a mobile phone app concept to help young Cambridge families swap the family car for alternative modes of transport and letting kids be more independent in their trips around the city in a fun and engaging way. The change in habits will be motivated by a reward scheme.

According to Juan, "This was my first Hackathon experience and I must say it ended up much better than I thought: my team won! The two-day experience at the Cambridge Hack was very interesting as I came with no expectations. At the end of the two days I not only won the competition with the amazing idea my group developed but I also won more insight into Cambridge and its transport problems.  Importantly, I won a lot of new friends and potential future business partners."  Each of the team members received a 50-pound voucher for Amazon as a prize.  Additionally, Juan was selected by the judges to go and represent his group at the first Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon in  Montreal, Canada on the second week of May 2017. Good hack, Juan! 

Please see the  link to the Cambridge News article