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EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Future Infrastructure and Built Environment

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Congratulations to FIBE student Robert Rouse who has been awarded a prestigious Industrial Fellowship worth up to £80,000 by the Prince Albert’s Royal Commision. Robert is one of 9 of the UK’s most talented young scientists and engineers to be named in the awards. This award will allow Robert to develop and apply machine learning to predicting flooding effects with AI. Using variables such as rising temperatures and river flow, his work will be capable of predicting flooding and how this affects water levels well into the future. His industrial partner, Mott McDonald, a global engineering, management and development consultancy can then use this model to advise local authorities how to build resilience against climate change and its effects under infrastructure and water management.

Climate change is bringing us more and more extreme weather, with the accompanying increased flood risk. We need to understand the extent of that risk to help us prepare the surrounding infrastructure and environment.”                                                                                            - Robert Rouse

Robert concludes “Detailed predictions, however, would enable local authorities to prepare effective and lasting solutions for their communities.” Robert says “The Industrial Fellowship programme will enable me to work faster and more flexibly with greater computational and information resources, given the huge amount of data involved. It’s also enabled me to benefit from the programme’s network of inter-disciplinary experts and will bring my research closer to application.”

Read about Robert’s award and his work at and

Photo from Department of Engineering website