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EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Future Infrastructure and Built Environment


Judging from the excitement and huge smiles on many of our young visitors' faces, FIBE-CDT's very first own Science Festival events on 17th March 2018 was a huge success! This popular family-fun event is run by the University of Cambridge on multiple university sites all over Cambridge and has attracted over 45,000 people in the past. It brings science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine to an audience of all ages through talks, performances, demonstrations and fun hands-on practice. 

FIBE held the following events:

1)  Castle Wars - This Angry Bird themed game involves building a castle out of cardboard boxes to protect your "pigs". Then you get to shoot down the  castle using a projectile with an Angry Bird soft toy.

2)  While you're waiting in the queue, play the digital version of Angry Birds on our big 65 inch touch screen.

3)  Build your own lasercut self-supporting Da Vinci bridge without any nails, screws or glue and see if it can support your phone.

4)  Stay Grounded - see a demonstration and learn the geo-technics about soil liquefaction on the ground beneath your feet.

A huge thank you to the FIBE Science Festival Crew of staff and students for their hard work behind the scene and making the FIBE-CDT Constructionarium such a fun event!