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EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Future Infrastructure and Built Environment



Socrates Angelides is currently a PhD Student working under the supervision of Dr Talbot. He joined Cambridge in 2016 as part of the Future Infrastructure and Built Environment CDT. His research focuses on the blast response of glazed façades, developing analytical models for the post-fracture response of laminated glass. He studied MEng Civil Engineering at Imperial College and worked for 3 years as a structural engineer in the Oil and Gas industry designing offshore steel structures.


Structural dynamics, blast response, plastic analysis, structural glass


Key publications: 

Angelides, S.C., Talbot, J.P., Overend, M.: The effects of high strain-rate and in-plane restraint on quasi-statically loaded laminated glass: a theoretical study with applications to blast enhancement. Glass Structures & Engineering Journal. 4(3), 403-420 (2019)

Angelides, S.C., Talbot, J.P.: Bending capacity of fractured laminated glass panels under blast loading. In: Proceedings of Society for Earthquake and Civil Engineering Dynamics (SECED) 2019 Conference, Greenwich, UK (2019)

Angelides, S.C., Talbot, J.P.: Blast resilience of glazed façades: towards a new understanding of post-fracture behaviour of laminated glass. In: Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on Structural Safety under Fire and Blast Loading (CONFAB), Brunel, UK (2019)

Angelides, S.C., Talbot, J.P.: Glazed façades under blast loading: an investigation of the post-fracture response of laminated glass under high strain-rates. In: Proceedings of 16th East Asia-Pacific Conference on Structural Engineering & Construction (EASEC16), Brisbane, Australia (2019)

Other publications: 

Angelides, S.C.: Analytical Solutions for the Pre-Crack Phase of Fully-Clamped Laminated Glass Panels Subjected to Blast Loading. MRes Thesis. University of Cambridge, UK (2017)

Angelides, S.C.: A Sandwich Panel Solution for Offshore Platforms Topside Floor. MEng Thesis. Imperial College London, UK (2013)

Teaching and Supervisions


IB Structures (2017-Present)
3D3 IIA Structural Materials & Design (2017-Present)
3D4 IIA Structural Analysis & Stability (2017-Present)
A2 IB Model Structures (2018-Present)
IA Structural Design Course (2017-2018)
IB Structures - Architecture (2017-2018)

 Socrates  Angelides
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